Schmidt House Art
the Artist
Watercolor is an ideal media for impressionistic expression.  The ability of the colors to quickly flow together and mix on the paper loosely and end up with something that is appealing and recognizable is the epitome of mastering it. Executing a successful painting with watercolor is, in my mind, akin to herding snakes or corralling cats. I believe one doesn’t create a painting with watercolor, one coaxes and encourages a succession of many happy accidents.  It is a media that continually excites and confounds me. 

I am a 5th generation Texan and life-long resident of Central Texas. My day job has taken to every corner of the state and then some, and there are many areas of the country that are interesting and intriguing, but my passion remains in the Hill Country with it’s unique beauty and charm. 
I’ve been painting since I was a kid but it was only very recently that I offered up any of my work for public viewing, Before now it only resided on the walls of family and friends. 

 I hope y’all enjoy my attempts. 
Show Participation

- Lost Pines Art Center, Summer 2017
- Waterloo Watercolor Group, Fall 2017
- Waterloo Watercolor Group, Spring 2018
   **Third Place, Lian Quan Zheng, juror